Data Driven Renaissance of Art

New formula of art by AI

Art is a way of expression, a path toward something more meaningful, and a solution to wordless communication. Nowadays’ art is created not only by talented individuals but through AI, thanks to advances in computer science.

The main way of art generation is neural style transfer, which is a process when the algorithm learns the style of painting and applies it to another one. “It uses deep neural networks to replicate, recreate and blend styles of artwork, by identifying and combining stylistic elements of one image and applies them to another”. Some of the popular examples are floral-patterned dinosaurs, made by Chris Rodley.

Deep Dinosaur, by Chris Rodley;

The other popular example is the portrait of Napoleon, with the High Renaissance AI created version- mix.

You can challenge your creativity by experimenting with transferring the styles of various paintings through these public websites:,,,,, etc.

You truly have significant chances of becoming the next Van Gogh for this generation.

Spoilers: In a next blog post we will describe the coding behind the tool for a more advanced level of data analytics experience.

Even more fascinating is the creation of art, rather than a combination of styles. Researchers in “Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory” in New Jersey have created an algorithm for art generation, which does not involve a human artist in the creative process but does involve human creative products in the learning process. Yet, the question arises whether or not these paintings can be considered art. The researchers at “Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory” tried to answer this question by hypothesizing that AI paintings would get a lower comparative rating if put on the same scale. Surprisingly, humans rated AI images higher than real-human artist ones.

Moreover, recently the first AI generated painting, named “Edmond de Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy” has been sold for $432,500.

Edmond de Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy, AI generated

Does it mean that now having talent for painting is not a key to success in art? Will a creative and intelligent code writing take the art to the next level? Each of us may have different reactions and responses to these questions, yet it is apparent that AI creates the high-level synergy between humans and machines; the process, which W. Falcon’s describes as “a paradoxical result of art without an artist and many artists at once”.