“Making complex ideas simple.”- Albert Einstein

Accurate weight reporting can seem a minor issue and even not worth the buzz, as obviously, physical appearance is an apparent signal. Yet, people continue to spend a lot of money on applications for weight prediction or weight management. One of the reasons is phycological because continuous weighting and reporting result in additional pressure for healthier lifestyle habits. The second reason is the accuracy because studies have shown that people usually under-report their weight, which in the long run can result in negative consequences.

One company decided to challenge this paradigm and designed a smart shoe insole, which collects the…

New formula of art by AI

Art is a way of expression, a path toward something more meaningful, and a solution to wordless communication. Nowadays’ art is created not only by talented individuals but through AI, thanks to advances in computer science.

The main way of art generation is neural style transfer, which is a process when the algorithm learns the style of painting and applies it to another one. “It uses deep neural networks to replicate, recreate and blend styles of artwork, by identifying and combining stylistic elements of one image and applies them to another”. …


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